Old Dad Announces Own “Funeral” So His Children Will Come Home for Christmas

An old man who has been lonely for several Christmas dinners because his grown-up children are too busy with their families and careers or trips around the world devised a clever plan to make them all come home for Christmas: by announcing his own “funeral”.

Of course, for the plan to work, he did not tell them it was him who sent them the messages about his death and funeral schedule. As he expected, they all rushed home no matter where they were located at the time they received the grave message.

Thankfully, they were more than relieved to find him alive in their home, waiting with a Christmas feast prepared. No one got angry that he fooled them into thinking he was dead – after all, they did have their own shortcomings as they did not find time to visit him even just once a year, for a hearty feast on Christmas.

This story is actually fictional and is just an ad from German grocery chain Edeka for Christmas but it made waves across the world for the deep emotions it invoked on the viewers.

The touching ad reminds us all that it is important to spend time with the people we love, especially our aging parents and grandparents because we never know when they will be taken from us and all we will live with regret for the rest of our lives. It was a good thing that the old man’s children in the ad were able to spend Christmas with him.

Although this ad got mostly positive responses from the audience, there were a number of netizens who weren’t pleased with the “emotional blackmail” theme of the story. These people think that the old man went too far when he lied to his children just so they would come home because that could be achieved in different ways. Of course, that might be true but there is no denying that the old man’s method was the most effective of all!

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