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OFW Seeks Help from Tulfo after Male Employer Constantly Exposes Self When Wife is Out

Every month, the Philippines sends thousands of Filipinos outside the country, people who are hoping to find good fortune in the countries they will serve. While many of these overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are professionals, many are skilled workers and domestic helpers.

Sadly, not everyone gets to come back home with fun stories about their job and trips abroad or with better homes and new cars. Many are actually a****d by their employers – and a lot don’t even get to come back home.

Recently, Marlon Suriaga sought help from Raffy Tulfo for his wife Mary Anne to be rescued because her male employer is abusing her. While there has been no physical contact, the male employer has taken to going around the house and into the kitchen without any clothes on; though he only does this when his wife is not around.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Two weeks na po ang nakakaraan. Doon po ako nagtataka, sir. Kapag wala po iyong amo niyang babae, iyan na po iyong parating ginagawa ng amo niyang lalaki,” the worried husband told Tulfo.

After getting inside the kitchen, the male employer told Mary Anne to clean up something that smelled bad inside his bedroom. She told him she needs to go to the toilet first but locked herself in and refused to come out until her female employer arrived.

When asked whether they had already reported the matter to Mary Anne’s agency, Marlon claimed that they had already forwarded the video but the person he talked to at the agency, a certain Sonny Mariano, allegedly got angry. According to Marlon, he was scolded and was told that the employer might file a case against his wife for false accusations.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Talentspere Incorporated Case Officer Jovet Delahente denied that there was a Sonny Mariano in their agency, however. Still, after confirming that Mary Anne is under the agency, Tulfo instructed Jovet to coordinate with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, the police, their agency counterpart in Jeddah, and other authorities to rescue the stricken OFW that same day before something worse happens.

Watch the video here:

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