OFW Nurse Gets Insulted by Brother After She Didn’t Buy Him a Car

Many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are not just battling homesickness and the difficulties they face in their respective jobs, they are also facing problems with their families who think they are now rich and must surely have a lot of money to give their relatives!

More often than not, relatives would ask these OFWs for various favors – be it a few ‘pasalubong’ and ‘padala’ or perhaps to ‘borrow’ money for things they want to buy. Many OFWs are obliged to pay for the tuition fees and other needs of their siblings’ families even if they have families of their own.

Sadly, the OFWs get bound for life to help their relatives – and more often than not, they get insulted and called ‘selfish’ if they don’t give money to these people.

One perfect example for that is a nurse from Canada who wrote Facebook page PESO SENSE to ask for advice.

According to the nurse who did not reveal her name, she has been supporting her siblings’ families and even gave them capital to start a business. Even when the business failed, she did not say anything despite giving her younger brother Php200,000 for that business. Then, she gave him another a total of Php55,000 for a sari-sari store.

While she did not directly give her older brother money, she sent him expensive items like shoes and watches; she also sends his kids to a private school, the tuition of which amounts to Php30,000. They also live on a lot she owned; although the house was paid for by their other sister.

Recently, one of the brothers asked her for a “loan” to buy a car but because she already has a family of her own to support, she refused. Here’s his response:

Photo credit: PESO SENSE

Who can relate with this? What advice can you give this OFW nurse?

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