OFW Loses All Her Belongings to Boyfriend She Met Online

An unidentified OFW has recently gone viral after a video of her crying at a motel lobby had gone viral. According to Social Trends, the OFW came from Dubai.

She met with her online boyfriend right after landing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). They checked in at a motel.

The next day, the OFW had gone out of the motel and had temporarily left her boyfriend alone but she was shocked to come back and find out he had already checked out of the motel – and brought all her belongings with him!

Not only was the guy able to take all her clothes but also her pasalubongs and various things she had in her luggage!

Screenshot from video by Chasty Mangubat / Facebook

At the motel lobby, some people could be heard admonishing her for trusting someone she just met online. One of the hotel staff could also be heard telling her that she should have warned them not the let the guy check out by himself and leave with her things – but she probably trusted the guy whole-heartedly and did not expect that he would betray her in that manner.

On Facebook, most netizens weren’t sympathetic as they believe the OFW should have first gone home to her family before meeting up with her boyfriend, especially because she does not really know him in person but only met him online.

Others advised her to seek help from the authorities so she could obtain the CCTV footage from the motel so she could file appropriate charges against her scammer boyfriend. Many hoped that she did not contract something from her boyfriend – and a lot also hoped she did not get pregnant from the encounter!


Posted by Chasty Mangubat on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to Avoid Getting Scammed?

Well, if it is something that is too good to be true, do research because it could be fake. And as in the case of the OFW who lost all her belongings to the man she met online, never put your 100% trust in someone you meet online!