An OFW in Kuwait Cries For Help; She Begs To Go Home Due To Miserable Condition

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)  in Kuwait working as a domestic helper had expressed her desire to go back home after suffering from  severe wounds in her hands due to allergy.   She complained about experiencing difficulty in performing her tasks and thought of leaving her job.

Bogabil Bhady Noemie posted a video on her Facebook account showing how her condition made it difficult  for her to still stick with her employer and finish her contract.  According to her, she has been suffering from her swollen wounds due to allergy since a year ago which had spread all over her body as an effect of using strong detergents and dishwashing chemicals when cleaning at work.

Photo : Bogabil Bhady Noemie/Facebook

She said that she approached her employer and asked for permission if she can return home but her request has been denied.  However, her employer said that permission might be granted provided she will reimburse the expenses that has been incurred while processing her employment.  She also asked for help from her agency, OWWA and The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait  but assistance was not accorded to her.  She was then given an advice  to escape from her employer which Bogabil refused to do because she feared for whatever circumstances that might bring to her.  As  such, even her passport was being kept by her employer.

Despite the pain and the suffering that she was enduring for the past 12 months, Bogabil needed to continue working to support her three children who were still very young according to her.  She also complained about not being given time to rest by her employer.  And now that she felt like the pain was already unbearable, she thought of going home instead and made the video hoping someone might be able to heed  her call and help will come her way.

This is only one instance that our “kababayans” have to go through just to earn a living in a foreign land and be able to support their families whom they left behind in the Philippines.  A reality that is so heartbreaking and painful.

I hope assistance be given to her so she can go back to her native land where her loved-ones are longing for her awaited comeback.