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OFW Allegedly Dies after Doctor Said She’s Just Pretending to Be Sick

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) posted photos on Facebook of another worker who allegedly died because the doctor refused to give her medications, saying she’s just pretending to be sick.

Bby’Ara Tzuyu Talib Solaiman II shared on Facebook photos of Nenita P. Omro, the OFW who died after being refused by a doctor.

According to Solaiman, Omro hails from Davao City. She had recently arrived in Saudi Arabia but got sick. Concerned with her well-being, the employer brought her to the doctor but was told that the OFW was alright and was ‘pretending’ to be sick, allegedly so she could rest instead of work.

Photo credit: Kwentong OFW – Bby’Ara Tzuyu Talib Solaiman II

Of course, the employer believed the doctor and made the OFW work. Sadly, Omro died that night. Her companions discovered she was no longer breathing at around 2 AM.

The employer immediately called for help but the rescuer could not revive Omro.

Apparently, a lot of people did not believe Solaiman’s story – and we couldn’t fault them as it was rather farfetched but she would later post more photos on social media, saying she found it difficult to post the pictures because Omro was dead but she also wanted to provide proof that her friend had, indeed, died due to the doctor’s negligence.

Photo credit: Kwentong OFW – Bby’Ara Tzuyu Talib Solaiman II

As of press time, it is unknown why Omro died, especially considering that she had just arrived from the Philippines. OFWs are required to undertake medical examinations before they are approved for the job in another country; thus, it is a mystery why Omro was severely sick when she arrived in Saudi.

Some people bashed Solaiman for not helping Omro go to the hospital but she later posted on Facebook, saying the OFW’s employer even got angry at them for buying her food; thus, she shouldn’t be bashed for being unable to directly message the woman’s family before she died.

What are the Medical Requirements for OFWs?

Medical tests vary, depending on the nature of work the OFW, the country he/she will be working at, and other factors. Candidates with serious ailments such as cancer, congestive heart failure, chronic renal failure, neurological disorders, psychiatric disease, diabetes, and hypertension are considered unfit to work abroad.

“Fit to Work” medical certificates are only valid for 90 days.

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