Obedient Kids Go Viral for Taking Shoes Off as They Entered 7-Eleven Store

Some adorable kids recently went viral for taking their shoes off as they entered a 7-Eleven store – and netizens just couldn’t help but praise these obedient children.

In many Asian countries, taking your shoes off as you enter someone’s home is part of the culture. It is Asians’ way of showing respect to the people living in the house, so that the home won’t get dirty with the soil and sand from the visitors’ shoes.

People also do that in their own homes, of course – and a lot of Asians even have special ‘house slippers’ to use inside their homes.

Photo credit: Chanawin Sonrayothin / Facebook

When you go to a business establishment or ride public transport, you don’t take off your shoes, of course; however, some obedient Thai kids recently went viral after they left their shoes at the door of a 7-Eleven shop.

It turned out that these obedient kids live in the mountains and were on a field trip with their teacher to the city.

We should always respect the place and so, before we go in anywhere, we must take off our shoes,” the teacher taught them in school.

What the teacher didn’t realize is that the children took this to heart and remembered every word of what he told them.

Photo credit: Chanawin Sonrayothin / Facebook

During the trip, the bus stopped for refill at the gas station that has a 7-Eleven shop. The kids were quite amazed to see a shop so big and were surprised to learn that it is open for 24 hours!

While their teacher went to the toilet, the kids were allowed to explore the place and get inside the 7-Eleven shop. But the teacher was surprised when he got out of the toilet and saw that the kids had left their shoes outside the shop!

He asked why they did that – and their reply got a lot of netizens clapping…

We must take off our shoes when going into a place to respect the place, teacher told us that,” the kids said.

And while they didn’t need to take off their shoes upon entering the shop, netizens praised these obedient kids and the teacher who taught them good manners.

Photo credit: Chanawin Sonrayothin / Facebook

What is a Convenience Store?

A convenience store like 7-Eleven offers plenty of basic goods, particularly food, beverages, and some toiletries that customers can buy anytime of the day. The prices are often much higher than regular stores, but many customers don’t mind because they get to enjoy these items even in the early hours of dawn.