Nursing Student Helps Deliver Baby in a Passenger Van

A nursing student had a real-life hands-on experience on how to deliver a baby after another passenger went on labor in the passenger van she was riding on.

A student at Bicol University, JM Cabarle was riding in a van when a fellow passenger began having labor pains during the early hours of morning last Sunday.

The driver tried to bring the pregnant woman identified as Remelyn Frondoso to a municipal hospital they passed by but they were refused for some reason; thus, he was forced to take the woman to Naga City.

While on the way, however, the woman’s blood pressure rose. The other passengers felt really scared as Naga City was still far away. It was then that JM volunteered to help.

Remelyn’s husband, Romnick, later revealed his worries were lessened when JM helped. Even though she’s still a student, JM was able to successfully deliver the baby inside the van – and everyone clapped when the child was finally out!

Photo credit: Amy Bacares / Facebook

Romnick said that he was glad JM was there because there was a possibility his wife and child could have faced much danger because there he didn’t know how to deliver the baby and the hospital was still far away.

Kudos to this 4th year nursing student ‘JM’ of Bicol University for your courage. With your help and alertness we survived the agonizing moment when all we did was to panic and cry,” wrote another passenger Amy Bacares on her Facebook account.

You’re worthy to be called a nurse someday Miss JM for helping this mother in birthing her healthy baby girl at 6:45 a.m. inside a public utility van.

The Frondoso family believes their daughter Vanessa Jane’s birth will bring good fortune to the van driver and to JM – and the nursing student certainly hopes so as she will be taking her board exams next year.