Nokia Launches a Revamped 3310… It’s Colored!

Remember the popular Nokia 3310 of the 2000s? It had a black and white screen, very basic features, and no camera or internet capabilities but it sold for around Php7,000 – yet it was one of the most popular phones any manufacturer has ever made, selling millions of units before production eventually ceased due to higher demand on more advanced smartphones.

But people have always loved the Nokia 3310 because it had awesome batteries that you only need to charge about once a week, not once or twice a day like most smartphones these days. It was also quite sturdy and could handle abuse – even getting thrown out of a moving vehicle or getting slammed on the ground and stepped on by accident.

If you miss the Nokia 3310, then you will love the revamped version! Recently announced at the World Mobile Congress 2017 along with three standard smartphones, the revamped Nokia 3310 does not look exactly like the old 3310 but has candy colored cases, rounded edges, and – lo and behold! – a 2.4QVGA colored and curved screen!

Photo credit: The Verge

The unit also offers dual SIM slots, has a 2MP camera, has 16MB storage, and has a microSD card slot but still offers the classic Snake game – and we expect that to have been revamped and upgraded as well!

It also deviates from the classic Nokia 3310 phone in that it is already capable of web browsing via Opera Mini; although it does not run on Android software but on Nokia’s proprietary OS.

Photo credit: CNET

But the most amazing selling point of this device is its battery life. The new Nokia 3310 boasts of a standby time of a whopping 25 days! Of course, that is standby time and the actual life of your battery would depend on how much you use the phone; but talk time is set at 22 hours.

Still, this would definitely make an excellent back-up phone – and many would actually enjoy having the new Nokia 3310 as a primary phone! Priced at around Php2,600, we bet many would be scrambling to buy this unit once it hits the shelves in March or April.

Would you buy this phone?