Newlyweds Discover They were Born Just 2 Hours Apart in Same Hospital

When you live in the same town or city, you can expect to share certain experiences with the same people – even if you don’t know it at all or can’t recall being in the same place.

That’s what happened to Aaron and Jessica Bairos, a young couple from Taunton Massachusetts who met through mutual friends and fell in love 9 years ago. What they did know is that their connection was deeper and longer than that because they actually ‘met’ at birth!

Photo credit: CBS Philly / YouTube

Aaron Bairos and Jessica Gomes were born on April 28, 1990, just two hours apart – and they were actually the only ones born on that day at Morton Hospital.

As was the practice of the time, their births were announced on the newspaper, clippings of which were kept by Jessica’s grandmother and later shared to the amazed couple.

Photo credit: CBS Philly / YouTube

Not only did they ‘meet’ at the maternity ward, it was even possible that they had a photo together. Jessica’s family had a photo of her in the nursery with another newborn baby in the background. Since they were the only ones born that day, it was highly likely that the other baby was Aaron.

Photo credit: CBS Philly / YouTube

When their parents met, the coincidence was confirmed.

His mom remembers saying hi to my mom,” Jessica revealed.

Jessica believes it was fate; though Aaron believes it is both fate and good timing.

He’s a realist,” Jessica explains of Aaron’s answer.

Photo credit: CBS Philly / YouTube

It was surely a beautiful coincidence that they were born at the same hospital and had ‘met’ on that day…

CBS calls ‘the newlyweds born to be together’ and they meant that quite literally!

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