Netizens Take Pity on Old Lady Who Sleeps Outside the House and Appears Abandoned

A lot of netizens have taken pity on an old lady who appears to be abandoned by her children, only sleeping outside the house.

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, PD Trending News shared pictures of the old lady who could be seen sleeping on a bamboo floor with a very small pillow to rest her head on. But even that pillow looked like a piece of large plastic that was folded up many times to create a small pillow.

It looked like the old lady could no longer get up and tend to herself. There is also a possibility that no one could watch her round-the-clock and clean up if she soils herself – and this could be the main reason why she only gets to sleep on that spot outside the house.

She appears to have a small blanket covering her body but an open umbrella was placed by her head, perhaps to give her some form of shelter when the sun is up or if the rain falls down.

It was heartbreaking to look at the old lady – and many netizens could not help but feel sorry that her kids have abandoned her.

Nagbago ang trato ng mga anak sa mga magulang kapag may kanya kanyang pamilya na may mga manugang kasing maramut at ayaw nilang alagaan,” a netizen wrote.

Anong klasing anak kau.hinayaam nio nanay niong ganyan.gusto nio ba pagtanda nio ganyan din gawin sa inyo ng mga anak nio,” another angrily commented.

Many believe that the old lady was abandoned because she doesn’t have money to give her kids.

Hnd tyo nakkatiyak kong may mga anak na mgmamalasakit sa atin. Kya habang bata pa mag-ipon para sa pagtanda. Dhl kong may pera ka sa pagtanda mo, maraming mag-aalaga sa iyo. Kya ayokong tumanda ng wlang pera,” someone wrote.

Others are calling on the DSWD to rescue the old lady while a number believe she wasn’t really abandoned but that her kids were also too poor to give her a more comfortable place to sleep in.

Maybe she’s always alone because her children are out, working so they can have money to feed themselves and their mother?

Image credits: Facebook / PD Trending News