Netizens Take Pity on Guy Waiting for Girl Who Didn’t Arrive at Meeting Spot

In life, it is a sad reality that we can’t always get what we want – that could be in terms of the things we wish for or the people we hope to have a relationship with!

Netizens recently took pity on an unnamed young man who was seen waiting for someone, assumed to be a lady, at a meeting spot in Petron Katipunan located at Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, Metro Manila in the Philippines.

In a post on Facebook, netizens Igue Bonifacio shared how he noticed the young man standing at that meeting spot for over an hour. He was constantly using his phone to check messages and call someone but would hit the pillar from time to time out of frustration.

Whoever this girl he was meeting with could be fighting with him on the phone or had no plans on actually going there to be with him.

But did you see the large bouquet of flowers on the table?

In the comments section, Poch Teves Zenarosa added that she actually waited a little bit more to see whether the girl would arrive but before she left that area, the girl was still nowhere to be seen and the guy was kicking the pillars in anger.

The two friends have no idea how long the guy had been waiting there and how long he continued waiting after they left but Zenarosa commented that if Bonifacio was still there when she went back, she would have told him to go talk to the young man to advise him to go home because there are still a lot of other ladies out there who might be the right one for him.

Someone suggested that the friends should have offered the guy a cup of coffee but they said they were afraid he might break down and that would only give him more trouble. Poor kid…

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