Netizens Praise OFW for Staying Calm Despite Yells by Seatmate at Bus in Hong Kong  

Discrimination comes in various forms – and it is sad that many of our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) get this kind of abuse in the countries they are working in.

But one OFW who showed class and remained calm despite yells by her seatmate at a bus in Hong Kong has earned her praise from netizens.

Angela Sentillas Pasco shared a video of how a Chinese woman ranted against her, yelling in the bus all because she was a Filipino. While the woman’s rants were in Chinese, Pasco revealed that this translated to her being called fat and various words that meant ‘slave’ in Hong Kong.

According to Pasco, when she got on the bus, the woman got angry because there was little space between them, especially because the Chinese woman didn’t take her bag off the seat. While Pasco was left with little space on the bus, she didn’t complain.

The Chinese woman continued her rants, shouting on top of her lungs and making rude remarks on Pasco. But instead of engaging the woman in a fight, the Pinay remained calm and chose to just videotape the rude woman.

According to Pasco, the woman soon noticed that her iPhone was an old model and laughed at her, later bragging that her Android phone is the latest version. Pasco just laughed off this petty remark, pretending she can’t understand Chinese.

A lot of netizens praised Pasco for being calm, saying they would probably get angry at the woman and fight back if they were in her place.

Thankfully, another passenger got tired of the Chinese woman’s rants and told her off. The two had a brief shouting match before the woman finally kept quiet.

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