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Netizens Pity Old Woman Who’s Crying Because She Can’t Buy Face Mask

As people around the world, particularly in China, scramble to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) that’s spreading like wildfire, sales of masks spiked up despite many stores selling the items for much higher prices.

What’s sad is that there are many people who can’t afford to buy the masks because the new prices are just too high for their poor pockets. But with these people still needing the masks to protect themselves against the outbreak, we can just easily feel their heartbreak when they find none is available within the price range they can afford.

Photo credit: Kim Ann Ah / Facebook

An old woman recently went viral for crying in a bus because she can’t buy a face mask. On Facebook page, Kim Ann Ah, photos of the crying woman were shared – and it broke so many people’s hearts to see her crying.

Photo credit: Kim Ann Ah / Facebook

In the post, the old woman was using the upper part of her jacket as makeshift mask because she tried to find one across the city but every store she had gone to either had no masks for sale or had masks but are selling the items for much higher prices.

Photo credit: Kim Ann Ah / Facebook

She could not afford to buy a mask but feared that she might contract the 2019-nCov, something that many dreaded. The other bus passengers took pity on the old woman, especially after learning why she was crying.

Photo credit: Kim Ann Ah / Facebook

One kind-hearted guy decided to give her his extra mask. He knows that he probably can’t buy more masks or that he had to shell out a lot of money to get a new one, but he feels compassion for this old woman. And when he handed her a mask, she cried again. But this time those were tears of joy!

Thanks to this kindhearted hero, the old lady is happy and feeling safe again.

Photo credit: Kim Ann Ah / Facebook

What’s the 2019-nCov?

The 2019-nCov is the novel coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan, China. It is believed that the virus came from bats or snakes that were sold at the popular seafood market in Wuhan. While less virulent than the 2003 SARS, more people feared 2019-nCov because it spread out so quickly.

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