Netizen Warns of ‘COD Scam’ After Mom Pays Php2k for Delivery, But She Didn’t Order Anything

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is busy shopping. These days, people have found an easy way to avoid the long lines at the malls by doing their shopping online, thanks to the many online shops that offer this convenience.

Photo credit: Facebook / Jeshika Yan

But this busy shopping season has its downside – it seems that scammers are now ‘upgrading’ their modus and have turned to this online shopping thing to take people’s money.

Netizen Jeshika Yan shared the story of how her mother unknowingly paid the delivery man for something that she had not actually ordered.

According to Yan, she had bought stuff from online stores Lazada and Shoppee in the past; thus, when a delivery man arrived at their house one day, with something she had supposedly ordered online, her mother readily paid for the item which supposedly amounted to Php1,890.

Yan’s mother had no idea this was scam, especially because the order had Yan’s complete name and address! It even had a phone number listed on the order but it was not her number. But it really shocked Yan that the scammers knew her full name and address.

What’s worse is that the delivery came at the time when her mother didn’t have a cellphone and could not call her to confirm whether she had ordered something. At the time, Yan was at work. She was surprised when her mother informed her about the ‘order’.

The item was supposedly from ‘SHOPALLYOUWANT’ and that it was delivered via XPOST as a COD-order. She immediately called the seller listed on the order slip but the number is invalid, confirming her suspicion that this was a scam.

As for the item she supposedly ordered for nearly Php2k? It was a electrothermal water bag that’s really just worth around Php100-Php200.

Yan warns other netizens about this scam, telling them to warn family members not to fall for the supposed COD delivery unless they really bought something online.