Netizen Shares Rare Encounter with a Kind Taxi Driver

We’ve all heard plenty of stories about notorious taxi drivers that it might seem like the world has ran out of good ones. Of course, that is an exaggeration – a point proven by a story shared by netizen Rommel Lopez who shared a rare encounter with a kind taxi driver in the Philippines.

Lopez narrated on his Facebook post that he encountered 63-year-old taxi driver Eugenio Ventura after hailing the cab from LRT Roosevelt Station to go to Mother Ignacia Ave in Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines). The driver did not bother trying to negotiate with Lopez for a higher fare but told him to get inside the cab because he, the driver, is not picky with his passengers or where they would want to go.

Possibly jaded by experience with picky taxi drivers who try to be nice at first but end up insisting on a bigger fare rate, Lopez thought that Ventura was merely trying hard to be nice. He was wrong. While conversing with the taxi driver, he learned a lot of things about the friendly guy.

It turns out Ventura still drives his youngest child, a working student, to school; this kid is set to graduate this year. The kind taxi driver also admitted that he always tries to be nice to all his passengers especially considering that these passengers are the ones that provide them with a livelihood with which they can support their families!

Upon reaching the destination, Lopez tried to give the driver a good tip but the latter refused and gave him the change; taking only Php1.50 ($0.031) as tip! Because the driver staunchly refused to be tipped, Lopez decided to simply take his photo to share on social media – something that greatly amused Ventura who could be seen laughing heartily in the snapshot.

Meet Mr. Eugenio Ventura, 63 years old, a taxi driver. I hailed him at the LRT Roosevelt Station to go to Mother Ignacia…

Posted by Rommel Lopez on Saturday, January 16, 2016

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