Nerd Girl Hits the Muay Thai Gym and Beats the Guys Up!

What would you expect from a nerd girl in the gym? Well, if I were you, I would not make conclusions based on her appearance because, as we all know already, appearances can be quite deceiving. Yes, you should never judge a book by its cover or in the case of the video below, the girl by her glasses!

This girl’s name is Germaine Yeap. She’s a Muay Thai champion who has represented Malaysia in a number of international competitions – so, you know she’s a terror in the ring. However, the guys in a local Muay Thai gym did not appear to recognize her when she arrived for “training”.

This supposed training was actually just part of the prank organized by the gym. Germaine is supposed to prank the gym’s new Muay Thai trainors.

Watch how the prank turned out in this video:

Have you noticed how this prank was quite similar to the one wherein a professional race car driver acted like a nerd to prank new driving instructors?

Check out that prank here: Professional Racer Pretends to be a New Student…Scares Driving Instructors

Pranks and Pranksters

These days, there are plenty of pranksters on YouTube sharing their pranks to millions of fans around the world. There are those who have become big names in the prank industry, including Roman Atwood, Fouseytube, the Viral Brothers, Magic of Rahat, and Prank vs Prank.

Of course, who could ever forget prankster shows like Just for Laughs Gags based in Canada or local versions such as Wow Mali in the Philippines? In the US and other countries, April Fool’s Day is also celebrated with various pranks.

Now, pranks are often funny (unless you were the one being pranked, that is) and there are plenty of times when people actually notice that they were being pranked. However, there are times when pranksters go too far [Check out: Painful Revenge: Pranked GF Pepper-sprayed Toilet Paper!] just to elicit a few laughs or to outdo other pranksters.

We could only hope pranksters would try their best not to hurt people with their crazy pranks.

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