Neon Dancers from Siberia Wows with Awesome Performance

Were you amazed by El Gamma Penumbra’s amazing performances on Asia’s Got Talent and even in local versions of international talent show franchises? Then, you’ll certainly love Siberian group UDI who joined Britain’s Got Talent.

It is fantastic how they were able to create awesome neon figures with distinct shapes and colors. Their performance also told a very exciting story that had everyone sitting at the edge of their seats in anticipation of what will happen next! It was incredible!

They were certainly able to achieve their goal: “to impress the British people and the judges.” They even went beyond the British people’s admiration as the video went viral on YouTube.

Watch their jaw-dropping performance here:

Shadow Dancing

UDI’s neon dance is a type of shadow dancing which makes use of light effects to create a story. UDI and El Gamma Penumbra are not the first performers in this music genre yet they are moving to make this type of dance an exciting part of mainstream dance and talent competitions.

In 2013, Attraction (Shadow Theatre Group) won Britain’s Got Talent Season 7 with their fantastic stories using shadow dancing.

Considering how El Gamma Penumbra also won the judges’ and the audience’s admiration (and, more importantly, their votes!) in the recently concluded Asia’s Got Talent, there is a huge possibility of UDI making it to Britain’s Got Talent’s (Season 9) finalists and take home the much coveted prize!

The group’s incredible performance is amazing – and it would be wonderful to pit them against El Gamma Penumbra or Attraction and have all the three together in a show! I could only imagine what the audience would feel when presented with these three amazing performers. I’d surely buy tickets to that show!

Watch El Gamma Penumbra’s audition piece here:

Here’s Attraction’s touching audition piece:

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