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Neighbors Block Geologist’s Car with a Boulder, She Gets Revenger with Auto-Chipper

Don’t mess with a geologist – even a tiny one! Because they probably have the right tools to get revenge you wouldn’t like at all…

Melissa Scruggs is a volcanologist who’s pursuing her Ph.D. in the field. Because she’s a student who also needs to get to work early, she often tells her next-door neighbors to make their friends move their vehicles by 7AM if they use her part of the driveway while having a party.

Photo credit: Melissa Scruggs / Twitter – @VolcanoDoc

This must have gotten them pissed off because during one particularly rowdy party, some guys rolled a boulder in front of her car, just enough to block her from leaving on time the following morning.

Photo credit: Melissa Scruggs / Twitter – @VolcanoDoc

I went over to ask that people stay out of our backyard, and noticed that a car was blocking us in, so I asked that it be moved by 7 am, and left a note. When I woke up, the boulder had been rolled all the way in front of my car (picture 1). So I figured that if I moved it back, they were just going to do it again,” Scruggs narrated.

With a boulder blocking her car, the tiny lady could not move it by herself. But her party-loving neighbors forgot that she’s a geologist – rocks are her thing! Oooooops.

Photo credit: Melissa Scruggs / Twitter – @VolcanoDoc

She might not be able to move the boulder away, but she had the right tool to break it into pieces – a VERY LOUD auto-chipper that she began to use at 7:30AM while her neighbors were still sleeping.

Of course, she could easily break the rock into a few manageable pieces, moved these away, and go to work, but she’s had enough with the rude neighbors who had actually done this to her in the past.

Photo credit: Melissa Scruggs / Twitter – @VolcanoDoc

To drive home the point, she broke the rock to many tiny pieces – something that she was able to achieve in about 4 hours, with a couple of breaks. Can you just imagine how that must have felt for the neighbors still nursing a hangover? LOL

Photo credit: Melissa Scruggs / Twitter – @VolcanoDoc

After this, the neighbors would surely leave her in peace in the future. No one wants to go through that again, huh?

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