Natural Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Medically known as heel fissures, cracked heels are very common and can vary in severity. While some people consider it as a cosmetic issue, others suffering from this condition experience pain.

Cracked heels are often caused by improper foot care, aging, unhealthy diet, prolonged standing, wearing the wrong type of shoes, dry air, or lack of moisture. Individuals with Athlete’s foot, eczema, diabetes, psoriasis, as well as thyroid disease may also have cracked heels.

cracked feet

Here are some natural home remedies for cracked heels, according to Home Remedies.

1. Wash your feet with warm water and antibacterial soap before scrubbing it with a small brush.

2. At least once a week, soak your feet in lemon juice for 10 minutes to allow your cracked heels to heal faster.

3. You can also soak it in vinegar by placing an ample amount of vinegar on a piece of cloth big enough to cover your heels. Tape it to your feet and leave it overnight.

4. Alternate hot and cold foot bath to promote blood circulation.

5. Exfoliate by soaking your feet in 3 tablespoons of baking soda placed in warm or lukewarm water.

6. You can also create your own exfoliant by mixing 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water. Massage the paste to your cracked heels.

7. Use a foot brush or a pumice stone to scrub your feet while in the shower.

8. After shower, you may use a square nail block to make your feet even smoother.

9. You may create your own foot mask by mixing oatmeal and jojoba oil. Apply this paste to your feet for 30 minutes  to moisturize your entire feet.

10. You can also use a paraffin wax as a foot mask. Simply melt the wax with mustard oil and apply it on your feet before going to bed. Cover your feet with socks.

11. Listerine mixed with rose water, lanolin, and even nipple creams can be applied as moisturisers to your feet.

12. Finally, wear proper fitting shoes to avoid cracked heels and calluses.

If all natural home remedies won’t solve your issue, consider talking to a physician about your problem.

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