Mystery: How Captive Girl Finds Freedom from Man Who Trapped Her on Island

Vaine lives in a secluded island with Putu – this would have been paradise except for one thing: there was no love in the relationship. Putu was the captor; Vaine was his slave.

The two live a rather simple but monotonous life in the island, surrounded by the beauty of nature yet without happiness. Feeling oppressed but unable to leave the island, Vaine was forced to endure Putu.

Enter Tamatao, a man who lives in the other island across from where Putu and Vaine are living. Somehow, in the course of their living in separate islands, Tamatao and Vaine met and fell in love.

island girl

Each day, while Putu is resting, Vaine would go the spot where she could see Tamatao on the other side. The caring guy would throw gifts to Vaine, things he crafted from stuff he could find on the island. Vaine treasures those items yet had to hide them beneath a tree, out of Putu’s sight.

But Putu was not an ignorant guy. He noticed changes in Vaine. He saw the flower she was wearing on her ear, a flower that quite possibly does not grow on their island. He soon discovered the secret meeting.

Angry at the lovers, Putu took Tamatao’s gift of the day, a coconut, and cut it in half with a silent warning for Vaine not to disobey him again. But that was the last straw for Vaine. She decided to leave Putu.

With the film set with no dialogs, the viewers are not told what really transpired but Vaine finally crosses the water to Tamatao’s island and shows him the coconut…

Watch this poignant film here:

Domestic Abuse

The film touches on domestic abuse – for though Vaine was not shown to have physical abuse marks, there are many ways a person can be abused even without physical contact. Verbal abuse, blackmail, and holding another person against his/her will already constitutes abuse; though these might be difficult to prove in court if you do not have physical evidence.

It is easy for many of us to say that the victim could simply walk away yet this is not as simple as it seems to be for domestic abuse can scar a person and trap him/her in something that is difficult to escape from…

Sadly, thousands of people die each year because of domestic abuse.

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