My Personal Encounter with Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals Certification and MCSE MS-900 Exam

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading vendors of IT certifications and exams. The company certifies professionals with the most updated skills and knowledge. One of the credentials that are offered to expand the professional’s knowledge base is the entry-level Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals certification. This credential covers Microsoft 365 options, SaaS (Software as a Service), Microsoft 365 cloud service implementation and adopting of cloud services in general. Below we will describe everything you need to know about MCSE MS-900, the exam you must sit for in order to get certified.


MCSE MS-900 exam description

Microsoft MCSE MS-900 is designed to prove that IT professionals possessthe utmost understanding of Microsoft 365 environment. The test can also be done as a precursor to technologies and Cloud computing exams such as Office 365, Azure Information Protection (AIP), Microsoft Intune, and Windows 10 Download from Here.

Registration for MCSE MS-900 is done at Certiport for all the candidates who are still attending school or instructors interested in obtaining new skills. If you are no longer in school but very interested in learning new technologies, then you can register with Pearson VUE. The exam registration is done at a cost of $99. However, the pricing differs based on a country in which the exam is held.

Microsoft MCSE MS-900 exam measures the candidates’ understanding of the following distinct exam topics:

  • Understanding Cloud concepts
  • Understanding core Microsoft 365 concepts and services
  • Understanding security, privacy, compliance, and trust in Microsoft 365
  • Understanding Microsoft 365 support and pricing

My encounter with Microsoft MCSE MS-900 exam

Microsoft exams are usually tough because they test your ultimate knowledge in your area of expertise. As an IT professional, you have to find ways and techniques to make your encounter successful. I am going to share my experience with MCSE MS-900 exam from the time of preparation until the date I sat for this exam. I am going to share the information about the things that helped me pass with flying colors at my first attempt.

Preparation process

Firstly, I needed guidance for MCSE MS-900 exam preparation because everything was new to me. I had to find out the relevant study guides from various platforms so that I could select the one that matches with current Microsoft exam objectives. One of the platforms where I found the guides was PrepAway. Their study guide was all I needed because it covered everything under MCSE MS-900 exam objectives. To flavor it up, PrepAway offered me with an audio guide which worked well for me as I love listening rather than reading.

Secondly, I understood that Microsoft 365 concepts are all practical-oriented, and there is no way I can understand them better without practicing the concepts myself. Finding the best video training course was an easy task this time because PrepAway also provides video courses. I did not have to think twice about PrepAway because it has already proved its validity in the study guides. The videos I watched were surely a turning point because every particular concept that needs to be practiced was duly elaborated by the instructor.

After realizing that the videos were perfect for me, I took an initiative to put into practice everything I have seen the instructor does. I never skipped even a single lab session in every video because I knew that every concept is important in building my career in Microsoft 365 environment.

Consequently, I had to look for MCSE MS-900 questions and answers to aid me in gauging my readiness for MCSE MS-900 exam. The most important thing is to determine whether you have acquired the relevant knowledge and skills to take the exam. Once again, PrepAwayoffered me readily packed questions and answers at an affordable price. This was incredibly amazing as I was surrounded by all I needed. To make it sound perfect, all the materials I have been offered were authentic! After a better look at MCSE MS-900 questions and answers, I found out that all the questions were as per exam objectives. The answers too were straight to the question, brief, and precise, so I could practice with them without any limits.


Now, it was time to get ready to tackle an exam in a week’s time. All I had to do was to go through all the short notes I had written during my preparation. This was to help me remember every MCSE MS-900 concept that I had learned. Revision is a very important step because you cannot assume to remember everything. Therefore, it is good to check. In some instances, I had to get back to the video training courses to remind myself a few concepts that started to fade.

Finally, I took mytime to answer every question in the exam. I have always believed in the old adage “Hurry, hurry has no blessing”. You should also take your time by reading the questions twice before you select the appropriate answer. As I share my encounter with you, I am already a certified professional, and this is the bare truth about my preparation. Therefore, you can learn something from me, and I promise you that you are going to pass with flying colors.


Career prospects with Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals certification

With this credential, you can count on the following job roles:

  • Technical Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Cloud Engineer


The only way to upgrade your knowledge and validate skills is by taking a certification exam such as MCSE MS-900. The world needs the IT professionals to be always equipped with updated industry-standard skills. Take MCSE MS-900 exam today and become relevant in your area of expertise.