“My Daddy is a Liar”; Dad Lies to Give Daughter Better Education

How far would you go to give your kids a better life? The dad in this tear-jerking commercial believes that getting his daughter better education is the key to her success in life; thus, he sacrificed a lot just to send her to school.

No matter how hard he tried to hide everything from her, his intuitive daughter sees everything and knows he is just lying to her!

She knows that every time he sends her to school, he runs off in a hurry to look for a job. She knows how tired he must feel after the many odd jobs he does to find money to send her to school and buy them food to eat, yet he would pretend he is strong and unfazed by the day’s efforts.

She knows that even though he says he is already full, he is actually hungry but does not eat because money is tight.

How she repays him will make you cry…She writes him a letter, detailing everything she knows and feels about her dad. He is shocked to learn that she knows everything! And the ending will simply melt your heart.

Watch the tear-jerking video below…but first prepare some tissues because tears will surely fall:


Education is the Key to Success

I can personally attest to the line, “education is the key to success” because we grew up really dirt poor but now enjoying a life in the middle class – thanks to our efforts in school.

Although the story in the video is fictional and but part of an ad campaign by insurance company, MetLife, a lot of real-life people have gone through similar circumstances. What makes this story more compelling is that this dad sacrificed a lot for his daughter, just so he can give her a better life – and many of us can relate with this story.

According to the video description, “You can’t change your destiny, but you can create your own.” This is, of course, true in many cases.

Many of us are born poor yet a lot have succeeded because of education. This is not saying we are putting down people who were born poor and remained poor but it is a big boost in your career path if you finish school.

In the story, it is too early to tell what the future would bring for this child but her dad knew that poor as he is, education is the best thing he could give her to prepare her for a better future.

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