MUST-SEE: Worm Extracted out of Teenager’s Eye using Basil Leaves

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital in Lima, Peru were shocked to find a worm living inside a teenage boy’s eye.

The 17-year-old lad from Pozuzo, Peru had his eye checked for swelling at the said hospital. The doctors thought it was just an ordinary inflammation so they prescribed him medicines. When these didn’t work, the doctors opted to perform an MRI scan on him to find out what’s causing the inflammation..

Apparently, a larvae of a human botfly has been thriving inside the face of the boy for a month already.

But instead of performing surgery to remove the gruesome creature, the medical team led by ophthalmologist Dr. Carolina Marchena decided to use a bunch of basil leaves to attract the worm and make it come out of the boy’s eye.

“Basil was used as a way of attracting the worm and due to the smell the worm came out [from inside eye] and that’s why we used it [the basil],” she told The Mirror UK.

Once the worm appeared, Dr. Marchena used a pair of tweezers to fully extract it out of the boy’s eye. The worm measured 3 cm in length and half a cm in width.

According to Dr. Marchina, the worm can potentially infect the boy’s brain if not removed as it was located in the sensitive part of the face called the “triangle of death”.

Check out the horrific video below.

Maggots found inside woman’s eyes and nose

In 2007,  doctors extracted at least 120 maggots from the eyes and nose of a 65-year-old woman admitted at the intensive care unit of a hospital in Canada.

Apparently, a green bow fly entered the patient’s windowless private room that had an open door.  This gave the fly an opportunity to enter and lay larvae inside the patient’s ears while she was sleeping.

The patient’s condition is known as aural myasis which needs immediate medical attention.