Mugshot of Gorgeous Criminal Goes Viral

Dubbed as “Prison Bae”, Sarah Seawright is making waves on social media for her gorgeous looks – never mind that she’s actually in prison not just for reckless driving charges but also for battery, robbery, and kidnapping!

Arrested late April 2016 for failing to appear in court for careless driving charges incurred in 2014, Seawright’s mugshots made its way to social media where it quickly went viral.

Even with reports that she was allegedly involved in a 2012 parking lot theft which led to charges of robbery, battery, and kidnapping, curious social media users did not appear to mind.

Mere hours after the mugshot was shared on Twitter, #PrisonBae became a trending hashtag.

Seawright seems to be enjoying her newfound fame, sharing her Snapchat account on Twitter and Facebook, inviting her adoring fans to follow her on the site.

Photo credit: Fox 29 News

Photo credit: Fox 29 News

A lot of guys messaged the “Prison Bae” and many openly showed their admiration. For instance, social media user Lil Nicki Vert wrote, “She could stab me 9 times and I’d apologize and buy her Chipotle.” Of course, he’s not serious – or is he?

But even if Seawright received a lot of adoring messages, there were those who were not pleased with her actions and were not that impressed with her beauty enough to become a fan considering what she had done.

“Today is a day to save money, she’s gonna have to sit & think about her mistakes like I did,” wrote former Bengals wide receiver Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson.

While social media users are torn between adoring and condemning Seawright, she’s actually not the first criminal to gain internet fame because of her looks. Another “Prison Bae” went viral some years ago, Jeremy Meeks; and he landed a modeling career because of his famous mugshot. Quite weird, right?