Motorcyclist Praised for Staying Calm Amid Attacks by Angry Driver

After a motorcyclist allegedly cut his path by lane splitting, an angry driver went out of his vehicle to confront the younger man. Instead of giving 24-year-old bike rider Cody Munoz a lecture, 51-year-old Lee Schismenos punched him on the face! When Munoz’s girlfriend alighted from the motorcycle, Schismenos shoved her, too.

Most people would get fuming mad and retaliate by this point, especially because lane splitting is not considered illegal so the motorist was not breaking any laws, but Munoz remained calm. Yes, he also alighted from his motorcycle and pinned the angry Schismenos to the ground yet he did not punch or kick the older guy.

Munoz simply asked for help from the other drivers and told his girlfriend to call the police to the scene. Even when Schismenos tried to pin the blame on him, he kept his calm, telling the older guy he could easily claim that but since the incident was being recorded on his helmet cam, the truth will prevail.

This shocked Schismenos who probably thought he could get away with assaulting the younger man. Munoz would later charge him with endangerment, threatening, and assault. Schismenos could have faced some jail time for his actions but the police did not arrest him immediately because he claimed his ankle was broken from the “beating” he received from Munoz.

The police are now reviewing the footage from Munoz’s helmet cam which clearly shows it was Schismenos who started the fight and Munoz never fought back, except pin him down the ground so he could stop assaulting them.

People are now praising Munoz for staying calm in this entire situation…

Watch the video here:

Road Rage

Road rage has long been a term used for incidents of altercations on the road involving drivers on any type of vehicle. This is often caused by real or perceived wrongdoings made by another driver; so the other driver tries to “teach the other guy a lesson”.

Incidents of road rage range from throwing insults to making threats to doing rude gestures and to assaulting the other driver. Some road rage incidents even result to death.

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