Motorcycle Driver Hits Car But Ends Up Receiving Money from Kind Car Driver

In most accidents, if you were at fault and the one who hit the other vehicle, you will surely end up paying for the damages incurred in the accident or land in jail for reckless driving. But there’s one accident where the roles were reversed – because it was the driver of the car hit by the motorcycle driver who actually paid the latter!

Known as a very responsible driver, Sayd Omar Morales Akmad made sure to follow all rules of the road and was quite careful in driving so he would not hit other cars but accidents do happen even to the most careful of drivers.

One day, Akmad was driving his carefully when a motorcycle rear-ended his car! Considering that he had been quite careful with his vehicle, he had all the right to get mad at the other driver for being careless and hitting his precious car.

car accident

Photo credit: Facebook/Sayd Omar Morales Akmad

In a surprising turn of events, however, Akmad did not get mad at the motorcycle driver. For when the traffic enforcer was interrogating the motorcycle driver, Akmad heard that he was a fisherman – and realized that the man was poor and could certainly not afford to pay for the damages incurred when he hit Akmad’s car.

In fact, the bag of rice (all he could afford to buy for his family) was scattered on the road. His family wouldn’t have food for a day because the rice could not be salvaged from the road.

He had the right to file charges and demand payment from the motorcycle driver but Akmad did not do those things. In fact, he shocked the traffic enforcer and the motorcycle driver when he took out his wallet and gave the other driver money to buy rice for his family! He told the officer to release the poor fisherman because he won’t be filing any charges!

What a wonderful man…