Motocross Stunt Rider Surfs the Ocean Waves on His Dirt Bike

It is something straight out of the plot of a futuristic movie: a guy drives on the road and continues to the river like his motorbike was a boat! Then, he surprises everyone with deft moves as he rode gigantic waves, still aboard his dirt bike! Incredible, isn’t it?

Yes, it is difficult to believe that such a vehicle has been created already but the video shared by DC Shoes on YouTube clearly shows that this has become a reality. No, you are not watching a sci-fi flick about some hero in the future but real footage of Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s “Pipe Dream” stunt at Tahiti in French Polynesia.

Who would have thought that a motorbike could ride the waves like that? It really is amazing! And Robbie was so great a stunt rider that he was able to maintain his balance on the water, even when the waves were so gigantic these could have swallowed him and his bike!

It would be fun to watch more stunts from Robbie and his magic surfing bike.

Check out this awesome video by DC Shoes and watch Robbie bravely take his bike out to sea so he could surf the waves:

You can also check out the teaser trailer for the Behind the Scenes video DC Shoes promised to release soon:


A water sport primarily done in the ocean where big waves abound, surfing is a water sport which can also be done in lakes and rivers, depending on the wave conditions. For example, surfers annually make artificial waves by digging the mouth of Waimea River in Hawaii so the water will rush back to the Pacific Ocean.

A surfboard is used in this sport; though as Robbie and his team had proven, there is now no limit as to what you can use for surfing. I could only hope that in the future they could create surfing planes and helicopters just for having fun!

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