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A Mother Seeks Justice For the Abuse Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Suffered At the Hands of Her Preschool Teacher

There is a big difference between punishment and child abuse. Parents can and should discipline their children. Parents should teach their children about the rules, expectations, values, and morals. Kids need to be given consistent discipline to be taught the right from wrong and what they can and cannot do.

The goal of discipline is to create a stable, orderly, predictable, and fun world for them to enjoy and grow healthily. Positive discipline helps them to learn and change their behavior. However, some parents may go beyond the border, changing discipline to abuse. Child abuse can result when discipline or attempts to control a child turns excessive and injures the child.

Abused By Her Preschool Teacher

A heartbroken mother took to Facebook to share how her 3-year-old daughter was abused by her teacher. The kindergarten teacher abused the toddler so much that her ear was severely bruised.

When the father picked up the 3-year-old child from her preschool, he sensed that something is not right with the girl’s mood. So he parked the car and turned around, only to see something unusual and unexpected on her ear.

When they reached home, my hubby asked me to check what had happened to her ear and to my horror, her ear was badly bruised to such an extent that it was swelling badly. My heart bled and when I asked my daughter about what had happened, she lost control and just broke down in tears and cried.

The parents were surprised to see the injury. [Image Credit: Claudia Kwan / Facebook]
The parents were surprised to see the injury. [Image Credit: Claudia Kwan / Facebook]

No Explanation From the School

Although Claudia immediately called the school and demanded for an explanation, none of the teachers came up with an explanation.

The form teacher said that it was a mystery.

The parents sent their daughter for an examination and the doctor was shocked to see the injury.

He diagnosed it as a form of traumatic bruising that was caused by the exertion of great intentional force, and not a result of insect bites or drug allergies.

They immediately take the child to the hospital for checking. [Image Credit: Claudia Kwan / Facebook]
They immediately take the child to the hospital for checking. [Image Credit: Claudia Kwan / Facebook]
The mother lodged a police report. The child was only able to give her statement after calming down. The 3-year-old revealed the exact teacher who pinched and twisted her ear. Claudia also sent her daughter to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for another diagnosis. Upon further check-up, the hospital classified it as “non-accidental injury” and most probably inflicted by the preschool teacher.

Claudia immediately went back to the preschool for assistance, but she was surprised to hear the response of the supervisor.

He (supervisor) fully believes and trusts that none of his teachers would abuse a child to such an extent.

The incident left a trauma to the young girl. [Image Credit: Claudia Kwan / Facebook]
The incident left a trauma to the young girl. [Image Credit: Claudia Kwan / Facebook]

Impacted the Preschool Student

The incident left a big impact on her daughter. Every night, the girl would suddenly wake up from her nightmares, crying “I’m scared, I’m sorry, please, stop, pain!” while shouting the teacher’s name.

Back home, when I was reading story books to her, she would suddenly say that her teacher is ‘the evil wolf’ in the story of the Three Little Pigs and that she was the ‘wicked queen’ in Snow White, or that her soft toys would help protect her from her evil teacher. Even when she heard minor renovation noise from my neighbour’s flat, she would say that it was the sound of her teacher coming to pull her ear once again and she would break into tears!

However, the mother is exasperated as it looks like the investigation is processing slowly. The preschool is shunning away all the responsibilities. She was also denied access to all the CCTV footages.

Dear all,I appreciate it if you could take some time to read this post. It’s a long post as I’m seeking advice.I’m…

Posted by Claudia Kwan on Friday, 9 March 2018


Claudia is closed to breaking down as she’s coping with her husband’s acute stroke and seeking justice for her daughter. Upon talking to the preschool, they said that they already conducted their own investigation based on the CCTV footages and denied that the 3-year-old girl suffered from bruises on their premises.

Update: The school mention about the bruise below my Daughter cheek was a fading bruise that was a week ago. That’s…

Posted by Claudia Kwan on Sunday, 11 March 2018


After Sitting Down on the Toilet While Using His Phone for 30 Minutes, a Man Becomes Paralyzed




Some people think that taking a dump is a time-consuming task, so instead of just sitting down doing nothing, some people are fond of scrolling through their social media accounts simultaneously to kill time. However, an incident that happened just recently proved that there are different consequences to this habit.

A man hailing from Chongqing, China, recently became paralyzed because of sitting down on the toilet bowl for too long.

Bad Toilet Habits

The 24-year-old man was a healthy person with no medical condition. When he went to the toilet with his smartphone, he was trying to relieve himself while taking his time to take a dump.

After an hour, the man was still there. Thinking what happened to him, his family went to check if he is still alright. Shockingly, they found him lying on the floor and unconscious. They immediately rushed him to the hospital. Sadly, the man was already paralyzed before they even found him.

It took the man 30 minutes in the bathroom while using his phone.
It took the man 30 minutes in the bathroom while using his phone.

What is The Reason For His Condition?

According to his doctors, he had maintained the same sitting position for a long time, limiting the blood circulation in his body. Also, the air condition in the toilet was very poor because of the enclosed space.

When he suddenly stood up after sitting down for a long time, the chances of him suffering from oxygen deficiency in the brain tremendously increased. The doctors also pointing out that not concentrating on pooping may even lead to constipation. The rectum would have to work harder, forcing your body.

This is certainly shocking, considering that a lot of us are practicing this habit. We sincerely hope that he will soon recover from his condition.

Doctos said you should have good toilet habits.
Doctos said you should have good toilet habits.

Another Case in China

This is a similar case for the gamer in China who had his rectum removed after using his phones to play games while on the toilet for half an hour. According to his attending doctor, while he was sitting on the toilet and trying to poop, his rectum started to fell.

After spending more than half an hour playing games on the toilet, the patient was diagnosed with a rectal prolapse. This is a condition when the intestines’ ends lose its grip on the body, causing it to suddenly fall.

The man has suffered rectal prolapses from when he was a boy. But he did not take note of it over a long period of time and did not want to cultivate good toilet habits. He also had the modern-day habit of sitting on the toilet for a long time while playing with his phone.

It’s because of the long-term habit of sitting on the toilet for long periods of time that created great pressure on the abdomen, eventually resulting in rectal prolapses that progressively got worse.

The man needed an immediate operation. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
The man needed an immediate operation. [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Next time you go to the bathroom, make sure that you are just concentrating on doing your business to avoid health complications.

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A Poor Dog Died After Flight Attendant Insists In Placing It On The Overhead Compartment




Just like humans, animals have the right to live. Our fur babies are also protected with rights against cruelty. And losing them is like losing a family member.

Traveling with the family is a comfort. How much more if you include your dearest pet in your getaway? Seems enjoyable and fun, right? Besides, public transportation and airports allow pets to travel with the right papers and proper care.

However, an airplane ride of a family with a pet has gone terribly wrong. The puppy died onboard due to lack of air and water for three long hours.

They said it was safe

June Lara, a netizen shared his first yet sorrowful experience in an airline. The plane was bound from Houston to New York. He gets to sit with a family of three- a mom, her two kids, and a puppy. He started his story by remembering his pup, Winston.

Dog 2

Thinking that he’s so lucky by getting a chance to sit with a dog, the next event says otherwise. The flight attendant insisted to place the fur traveler to the overhead compartment. Giving assurance to the family that the dog will be put to safety, the mother agrees.

No more sound

As they landed, the mother opened the kennel and found their Kokito lifeless. The dog shows no movements and no breathing despite the family calling his name. Right there and then, the mother tried to resuscitate her 10-month poor dog. They were sobbing and so did June.

Dog 1

According to June, the airline does not care about the safety of its fur travelers. Moreover, the family paid $125 dollars plane ride of their pup. He even included in his post that air travel is risky and dangerous for pets. Especially for the likes of pugs that have a short nasal passage.

June’s post went viral and has now 321k reactions and 249,441 shares. The airline claims that what happened is a mistake. The airline spokesperson said that the flight attendant is not supposed to insist to place the puppy on the overhead compartment.

Dogs deserve good treatment too, no matter what place they are in. Rest in Peace, dear Kokito!

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Man Who Sells Insurance Becomes a World Class Model after Getting Discovered While Shopping




Gwilym Pugh of London, UK, ran an insurance business back in 2006. Today, he’s a world class model who’s been with the likes of David Beckham and signed up for brands like Bud Light. Wow. So, how did he do it?

Modeling had never crossed Pugh’s mind. When he was selling insurance, he was overweight and wore glasses. He’ll definitely not become a model with such an appearance – we’re not trying to degrade him but everyone knows that models have to have this certain degree of beauty to become noticed at all by some agency.

It was in 2013 when things took a good turn for Pugh. He just decided to lose weight. He started his day with fasted cardios, counted his steps, and became mindful of the food he ate. Soon enough, he lost 42 lbs (19 kg).

Photo credit: gwilymcpugh / Instagram

Gaining confidence with his new look, he joined a band with his friends.

My barber at the time said that if I’m playing guitar I ought to have a beard. So I thought it would be a laugh to grow a big ginger beard,” he said. Little did he know this would bring him to success as he began to document his beard growth.

He was featured in “100 Beards” by London-based photographer Jonathan Pryce and “Red Hot” by Thomas Knight after he became popular on Instagram due to his beard.

Photo credit: gwilymcpugh / Instagram

But he officially became a model when he was spotted by an agent while he was out shopping one day. He was signed up by London-based modeling agency AMCK where he would grow as a model. He appeared on GQ magazine, posed for Bud Light, and joined Fashion Week runway events.

David Beckham’s House 999 grooming project also got him as ambassador. Not bad for someone who just sold insurance in the past, right?

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