Mother Elephant Digs for 11 Hours To Save Baby From Pit

Elephants, they say, are among the most intelligent animals. These creatures are not merely massive in nature but are emotionally capable of developing bonds with their family members.

You’ll prove that to be true in the video below where we see a mother elephant doing her best to dig a huge hole on the ground for 11 long hours.

Yes, this elephant’s unwavering dedication in the task itself is admirable but that’s not all there is to it. When people later realized what she was really doing, everyone was touched.

Apparently, the elephant lost her baby when they were walking together and the little one accidentally fell into the well. So she never stopped digging until she could finally save her baby from the pit. Several people helped out to remove the mud and so the two elephants were able to walk away together later in the day.

Fun Facts About Elephants

As we all know, elephants are the biggest land-living animals in the world. It is likewise considered as the only mammal that does not have the capability to jump.

The largest of their kind was an adult African male elephant with a height of 13 feet tall and a weight of 24,000 pounds. Elephants are herbivores and they may spend up to 16 hours a day gathering bamboo, leaves, roots, and twigs. They can also swim, using their trunk like a snorkel when they are in deep water.

By the age of 16, elephants can already reproduce but most of the time, they are only able to have a maximum of four babies during their lifetime. Pregnancy takes the longest compared with other animals because a mother elephant carries the baby in her womb for 22 months.

Like mentioned above, elephants can be quite emotional and you will often notice them “hugging” each other by wrapping their trunks together as their way of showing affection.