Mom’s Lightning Reflexes Prevents Kid from Falling Off 4-Story Balcony

One mom is being praised online for her lightning reflexes that saved her kid from falling off a 4-story balcony – and the moment was caught on camera.

Photo credit: Twitter / @barstoolsports

The mother and her young child, believed to be around 2 years old, were visiting the office of Monserrate Construction located inside the Laureles Colonial building in Medellín, Colombia. After coming out of the elevator, the mother could be seen talking to someone on the phone and holding her kid’s hand.

A moment of distraction was all it took for the kid to move away from his mom, checking out the railing at the balcony. He looked through the railings but because there was no glass between the structure, he fell right through the gap.

Photo credit: Twitter / @barstoolsports

It was a good thing, really, that his mother had glanced at the moment in his direction and was able to leap forward and catch his leg before he fell down four floors below! Whew.

The man who had come out of the elevator with them immediately rushed downstairs, presumably to offer help just in case the kid had actually fallen off that spot. The guy was later identified as a delivery man.

Three women could be seen rushing towards the mother, helping out even as she pulled her son to safety. The women were said to be employees of the construction company.

Photo credit: Twitter / @barstoolsports

The harrowing moment was caught on camera from the building’s CCTV. Thankfully, it ended well; though it was not clear whether the mother or the kid suffered injuries from the incident. One thing is for sure, this could have ended really badly if the mother didn’t have lightning reflexes…

Watch the video here:

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