Mommy Leaves Baby with Daddy. When She Returns Home, She Gets The Biggest Surprise of Her Life

When this mother decided to leave her precious little fella’ alone with her husband, she never expected to see her newborn snoozing soundly upon her return. The adorable moment was captured in a brief footage that quickly went viral.

So what parenting trick did the father do to make the newborn sleep?

Apparently, the resourceful dad decided to make use of a toy construction vehicle. Instead of putting the baby in a crib, he placed his baby in the back of a remote control miniature truck. The toy went from room to room yet the baby remained sound asleep throughout. Even when the vehicle started emitting a beeping sound, this didn’t seem to bother the sleeping child a bit.

Daddy probably got his trick from the idea that newborns easily snooze inside a moving car. Like a cradle, the motion of a moving vehicle gently rocks the baby to sleep.

The video titled “Watch What Happens When I Leave Daddy Home Alone With Baby” is too cute not to share.

Watch the video below.

How to Easily Put Your Baby to Sleep

Putting your baby to sleep is one of the many challenges of parenting. This task is particularly difficult for clueless first-time parents.

Here are some tips to easily put your baby to sleep.

1. Follow a sleep schedule– For newborn babies, it’s important for parents to observe sleep cues such as yawning or scratching before they turn cranky. For infants six months old and above, parents can time their baby’s sleep in order to determine their baby’s sleep schedule.

2. Tell your baby it’s sleeping time- Say some key phrase over and over such as “sleeping time” before your baby dozes off.

3. Have a naptime routine– A simple routine such as reading one book, making them wear pyjamas, drawing the curtains, and turning the lights off can be helpful in making your baby anticipate sleeping time.

4. Soothe your baby– Most babies like some type of movement such as being rocked, bounced or walked around the room.

5. Put your baby down while drowsy but awake– Put your baby down in the bed or crib while he or she  is still awake.

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