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Mom Travels Hundreds of Miles to Bring Son’s Favorite Food

While special occasions often mean family reunions wherein children who are already working and living far away would go back to their hometown to spend time with their parents, there are just times when this is not just possible because of work constraints.

After all, while we do love to go back home and spend time with family, our bosses don’t always approve the vacation leave!

Now, there’s this young man named Xiao Fei who has worked and lived in Beijing, China, for 5 years. Each year, he takes the trip back home to Shanxi Province in the northern part of China for Mid-Autumn Festival as with many other young people like him.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

This year, he was looking forward to eating his mom’s homebaked mooncakes but soon learned that he had to work. Upon learning that he couldn’t make it home to celebrate the holiday this year, Xiao’s mom decided to bring the holiday to him, instead!

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

As was her practice each year, Xiao’s mom baked his favourite handmade mooncakes. But instead of serving it at their house, she packed some in a suitcase which she also filled with her son’s other favourite food, such as peanuts and walnuts.

Then, this doting mom traveled hundreds of miles to Beijing so she could bring this suitcase filled with food to her beloved son! It was a beautiful act of love.

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

Xiao was so overwhelmed by his mom’s gesture that he posted photos of this on social media. Thousands of people loved the post, saying his mother truly loved him. Many were amazed that she made this trip, considering he could have just gotten himself some mooncakes from the store!

Photo credit: CGTN / Facebook

According to Xiao, he truly appreciated his mom’s gesture, especially because he has always loved her mooncakes even as a kid. He said his mom’s mooncakes are the best and that the flavour hasn’t changed.

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