Mom and Newborn Baby Die on Christmas Eve, But Miracle Brings Them Back to Life

It started as a beautiful Christmas eve for the Hermanstorfer family back in 2009 in Colorado Springs. Mike’s wife Tracey was set to give birth to their third baby, another boy like his older brothers.

The baby just couldn’t wait another day more and wanted to be out on Christmas eve, something that the couple looked forward to but the glorious moment turned into horror when Tracey suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

Doctors have no idea why her heart stopped but she was quickly turning gray – and her baby also appeared quite distressed. Because the doctors couldn’t revive Tracey, they knew they had to race against time to save the unborn child or he could die, too.

But as soon as the child was born, it was clear that he was already dead as well.

Mike watched helplessly as his wife and newborn baby lay dead but the doctors continued their efforts to revive the two, hoping for a miracle to happen.

Photo credit: KKTV

Half of my family was lying there right in front of me — there’s no other way to say it — dead. I lost all feeling. Once her heartbeat stopped, I felt like mine did, too,” Mike recalled.

Dr. Stephanie Martin confirmed it. She said, “She had no pulse, no heartbeat, was not breathing and was turning gray. She was dead.

But the most amazing thing happened. By some miracle of Christmas, perhaps, Tracey’s heart began to beat again. And as her pulse returned, it seems that she called the baby as well because the boy started breathing!

Needless to say, doctors were completely baffled as to what happened, especially because they could not find any explanation why Tracey’s heart stopped beating but everyone was thankful the mother and her newborn baby were safe.

As for Mike, he thinks the only explanation to what happened is pretty simple: it was an absolute miracle!

Here’s a photo of the boy with his older brothers now:

Watch their Christmas miracle story here: