This Mom and Her Kid were Born without Arms…But They are Amazing!

What would you do if you were born with deformities? For this mother and her son, Linda and Timmy Bannon, that question is kind of weird but they have the same answer: live a good life, of course!

You see, they see themselves as normal people. Yes, they do not have arms yet this does not really set them apart from all the others. They are just like regular people; though they use their feet instead of their arms to do a lot of things, including writing and feeding themselves.

Born without Arms

Both are highly independent; though they might require some help in certain aspects such as doing stuff in the bathroom. I find it quite admirable that these two have learned to live their lives like normal people – they could even swim so well that they might even beat you! I bet they can easily beat me, judging from their actions in the pool.

What a wonderful, inspiring family…