Mom from China Forces Daughter to Eat Braised Mice for Breakfast

If eating strange things excites you, would you dare consume braised mice for breakfast?

A young woman from Fuzhou in Fujian Province in Southeast China posted a picture of braised mice which was served by her mother for breakfast.



The woman known as Miss Chen revealed that her mother thought of serving the strange dish after she saw her looking jaded. Believing it was highly nutritious, Miss Chen’s mother insisted that she finish the bowl of mice before she goes to work.

According to  People’s Daily Online, Miss Chen initially thought they were braised rabbits. Realizing they were actually mice, Miss Chen declined to consume the one-of-a-kind delicacy. However, her mother forced her to finish the dish.

“My mum said it was a great effort to pluck out all the hair from these mice. She said it’s hard work,” Miss Chen saod.

Eventually, Miss Chen gave in to her mother’s request and consumed the bizarre food. Unfortunately, she felt sick the whole morning.

In western Fujian, mice is considered a local delicacy. In fact, many residents in Fuzhou believe that consuming mice can help treat hair loss.

Moreover, Miss Chen’s family think that one mice is as nutritious as three chickens.

Still, local experts including Lecturer Chen from the School of Life and Science at Fujian University claim that consumption of rodents may do more harm than good. Chen revealed that mice can be a carrier of “more than a dozen of germs” that can cause detrimental effects to our health.

Strange Street Foods in China

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