Mom Defends C-Section from Bashers, Says it’s Not the “Easy Way Out”

There simply are people who are insensitive enough to say things that hurt other people’s feelings – and they don’t even know that they did something wrong!

For instance, mommy Raye Lee had to undergo a C-section and was repeatedly told by well-meaning people that it was the “easy way out”, as if a C-section was easier for a mom when, in fact, it actually is the more difficult way of giving birth to a baby!

While the mom does not ‘push’ out the baby the way she’s supposed to in normal delivery, the C-section is often considered more dangerous because doctors have to cut through the mom’s abdomen and her uterus just to get the baby out!


Lee wrote the post on her Facebook page, writing ahead, “LONG DRAMATIC POST WARNING”. In her rant, Lee mentioned what many moms who underwent a C-section often hear, “Oh. A C-section? So you didn’t actually give birth. It must have been nice to take the easy way out like that.

But moms who underwent C-section not only have to deal with stretch marks, they also have to deal with their C-section cut! In the past, when the ‘bikini cut’ wasn’t popular yet, doctors even cut from the navel down, making it more difficult to hide the scars.

And that’s not to mention the excruciating pain they have to undergo for the weeks and months to come!

In normal delivery, moms feel a huge sense of relief after the baby is out of her body because there is no more pain from the contractions but after a C-section, doctors still have to stitch back the mom’s uterus and abdomen together. Then, the recovery time is much, much longer with a C-section – and many parts still feel the pain even weeks after the procedure whereas moms who had given birth naturally often heal within just a few days.

So, the next time someone you know undergoes a C-section, don’t say insensitive things. If you’re not sure what to say, just praise her baby and what a good mom she is! Chances are, she’ll appreciate that a lot…

What is a Bikini Cut?

A bikini cut is a type of cut in C-section that goes in the same direction as the underwear line, making it easier to hide the scar underneath the bikini.