Mom Angrily Shares ‘Expectation vs Reality’ Gown Her Daughter Wore in Debut

For many families, their daughter’s debut is a special occasion that is often celebrated in a grand party.

Many don’t mind spending a lot of money for the party, with some parents even spending millions of pesos just for the grand event! After all, a debut only happens once in their daughter’s lifetime, right?

Netizen Ydal Noillim shared on Facebook her sentiments after a dressmaker botched her daughter’s debut with what she could best describe as ‘Expectation vs Reality’ gown.

According to Facebook user Ydal, she had already messaged the dressmaker whom she calls ‘Mai’ as far back as August to talk about the gown.

At the time, the dressmaker told her she could already bring the cloth to the dressmaker’s shop but because it was still too far from the December 23 debut, the mom decided to not bring the cloth yet. She believes it would be too early to have the gown made in August as her daughter might gain or lose weight in those months.

It was in the first week of November that she took the cloth to Mai’s shop, taking her daughter along for measurement. She had shown the dressmaker the designs she wanted for the gown and was told that the dressmaker could do it. So, she went ahead with the order.

The dressmaker even asked her to buy more cloth for the lining; she readily did so.

But the mother was shocked when the gown arrived. It was far from her expectations!


YUNG GAWA NG TINAHI PO IS SET A1 and B1 yung gagayahan A2 at B2

KULANG BA ANG ALMOST 2 MONTHS na nasa kanya na tela di pa din natapos lahat nang pinapatahi ko???

Sa 2 GOWN at 1 DRESS (ko sana) ang singil nya sa akin (mura na daw yun) 1,500 yung 2.. yung dress 1k..tpos yung sabi nya n xa na bahala n bumili is 610.. bale binayaran ko sa kanya lahat 4,610… nakadiscount n daw aq nun,” Ydal wrote on Facebook.

The dressmaker blamed the cloth for the bad outcome, much to Ydal’s anger.

A lot of netizens took pity on this mother and her daughter; but others said it would have been better if she had found a dressmaker with a better reputation as she was willing to spend a lot of money on her daughter’s debut.