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Modus? Video Shows Road ‘Accident’ Between Lamborghini and Motorcycle Riders

What’s your usual reaction upon seeing supercars on the road? Many of us are really in awe of these cars and might stop for a better look.

Ariahs Jarilla and his friends were riding their motorcycles when they saw a Lamborghini and a Turbo. At the time, they were traveling near Camp Crame.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ariahs Jarilla

Seeing the supercars ahead of them, they took a video but quite unexpectedly, they caught an ‘accident’ that happened between the yellow Lamborghini and a motorcycle.

While in such situations it is often the Lamborghini driver that takes the blame, with netizens readily bashing the driver for being a pompous, arrogant a** on the road, Jarilla’s video showed a different situation.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ariahs Jarilla

It was clear on the video that Jarilla’s group admired the supercars but a few seconds into the clip, something happened that had them cursing.

The motorcycle that was ahead the supercar stopped at the side to let the yellow Lamborghini but all of a sudden, the motorcycle swayed and the riders fell to the ground.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ariahs Jarilla

Because the road to the right of the motorcycle was still quite wide and empty, enough for one lane actually, and the Lamborghini was actually halfway past the motorcycle when the ‘accident’ happened, a lot of netizens were quick to slam the riders for what they believe was a modus operandi to get money from the obviously rich owner of the supercar.

Many pointed out that the video was evidence enough that the Lamborghini never hit the motorcycle and the smaller vehicle had swayed towards it on its own accord (or as the driver and the passenger wanted).

Photo credit: Facebook / Ariahs Jarilla

Jarilla’s post has since gone viral, with the clip viewed over 1 million times. He would later update the post to clarify that the Lamborghini was being driven by the mechanic, not its owner. Also, the motorcycle rider supposedly had an injured shoulder, leading to the motorcycle going out of balance.

The Lamborghini’s owner said they are already dealing with the matter and helping the injured motorcycle riders but netizens still believe these two were just acting out and weren’t really hit by the Lamborghini!

Check out this video and tell us what you think:

Along camp crame to nangyari.. Pauwi na kami at may nakitang Turbo at Lambo ang ganda syempre vinid namin.. Pero sa di inaasahan iba ang nangyari ???UPDATEInjured daw po yung balikat nung angkas at kalalabas lang ng hospital. Dahilan para maout of balance yung motor. Mechanic po ng Lambo yung driver para lang po sa kaalaman nyo. At para sa mga mapanglait dyan wag naman po tayo mapaghusga base sa itsura ng tao. Para sa mga PERPEKTO DYAN SALUDO PO AKO SAINYO ?According to the owner of Lambo inaayos na po nila yung nangyari.. stop bashing him hindi po modus yan. Doble ingat nalang tayo sa susunod.#keepsafedrive

Posted by Ariahs Jarilla on Wednesday, 23 May 2018

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