Mistaken Identity: Apparently, The ‘World’s Hottest Teacher’ Isn’t A Real Teacher

Recently, we’ve all been captivated by the sheer beauty and hotness of this gorgeous lady from Minsk, Belarus. Oksana Neveselaya achieved instant viral fame when a student apparently shared a video of her teaching mathematics in a classroom. Netizens quickly went to work and found out her identity through an Instagram account. She has since been dubbed as the “world’s hottest math teacher”.

It appears, however, that this beautiful young woman may not really be who we think she is.

As it turns out, Oksana is merely 17 years old and surprise, surprise – is not a math teacher.

According to the teen, she just woke up one morning with everyone thinking she was the sexy teacher “when in fact the actual person in the video that went viral was just someone who looked like her,” a LadBible article tells us.


Photo credit: Instagram


Photo credit: Instagram

“People started sending me links and screenshots from Facebook,” shared Oksana. “Posts would get up to 17,000 likes.”

As a result of the mistake, she has since gained thousands of Instagram followers in just a few days. She took it upon herself to clarify the confusion but it seems no one is listening.


Photo credit: Instagram


Photo credit: Instagram

“I have repeated it many times: it is not me. But as the amount of comments grew at an exponential rate, it seems pointless for me to repeat it over and over again,” she lamented.


Photo credit: Instagram


Photo credit: Instagram

Oksana, as it appears, isn’t done with schooling yet and she admits she sometimes skips her classes so she can play chess in tournaments.

Well math teacher or no, there’s no denying Oksana Neveselaya is a hottie indeed.

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