Miracle Baby Born Still Encased In Amniotic Sac

Silas Johnson, who was born three months premature, has been the topic of online buzz these days.

The miracle baby  was born completely encased in his amniotic sac, a very unusual occurrence in child birth.

Completely enveloped in his watery sac,  Johnson was still attached to his umbilical cord and was able to get oxygen from the placenta when he was delivered via C-section at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. His hands were pressed against the clear membrane of the amniotic sac.

Miracle Baby Born Still Encased In Amniotic Sac


Puzzled by what he saw, one of his doctors took a photo of him inside the watery membrane, as reported by CBS.

His mother, Chelsea was amazed after seeing her son’s photo still encased in the sac.

She told CBS: “It was actually really cool to see. And when I heard that was actually really rare I was like ‘oh my gosh you’re a special little baby’.”

The amniotic sac serves as the baby’s protection during gestation. This thin but durable membrane which is filled with fluid usually ruptures just before birth. In cases where the sac doesn’t break, doctors puncture it in order to release the fluid inside and help the baby breathe.

Johnson, who is now 12 weeks old, may soon go home in less than a month.

Eating Placenta: The Latest Health Trend Among US Moms

“Placentophagy”, the practice of eating iron-rich placenta after childbirth, is the latest health fad among US moms, as reported by AFP.

According to them, the peculiar health practice helps them produce healthy breastmilk, restores the body’s energy, and fights off postpartum depression.

The bloody spongy organ is usually consumed in solid, liquid or pill form. Some people like Hollywood celebrities Alicia Silverstone and January Jones take placenta “smoothie”.

Several mommy bloggers have also shared recipes of placenta tacos, lasagnas, and even chocolate truffles.

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