Millionaire Receives 40,000 Applicants after Posting Job for Global Personal Assistant

A self-made millionaire based in Australia recently posted a job offer for a personal assistant who would travel the world with him, with an excellent salary package and lots of perks. Not surprisingly, he received over 40,000 applications – and even quite a number of marriage proposals! Oooops.

Matthew Lepre earns around AUS$120,000 (US$85,700) per week on his e-commerce empire. With four companies to run, Matthew certainly has his hands full and has to travel a lot; though he’s not complaining as he enjoys a life of luxury on these business trips.

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Aside from looking for a personal assistant to assist in his business needs, Matthew is also hoping to share his globe-trotting lifestyle with someone as an opportunity to share this other another person. Perhaps it’s a way for him to ‘pay it forward’ now that he’s rich because he had a difficult childhood as the child of a single parent.

He’s offering a monthly salary of AUS$52,000 (US$37,100) plus free travel perks, including airfare, hotel, food, travel insurance, and other exciting perks of the job.

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Salary will be based on the person’s experience but the base rate is in addition to travel and accommodation expenses. Health insurance benefits are paid for by me separately,” Matthew posted.

Traveling while I work has allowed me to live my ideal life, and I want to give someone the opportunity to do the same alongside me.

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But the 26-year-old entrepreneur who described the posting as the ‘coolest job in the world’ recently revealed that he received more than 40,000 applications from all over the world. Roughly 75% of the applications were from women – and some marriage proposals were even thrown in with the applications.

Many of the women are from Australia, but he’s also received applications from many parts of the world, such as the UK, US, Asia, and Italy.

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A lot of people who are applying say in their application that they are working the 9-5 rat race and want to escape corporate life and are ready to bring the skills they have learnt to this role, while traveling the world with me,” Matthew revealed.

But what qualities are he looking for in the ideal candidate? He didn’t reveal the details but he’s probably going to look at their back stories as well, especially because he had been brought up in a single parent family in Sydney’s Western Suburbs that wasn’t well off.

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Life is always about giving back to those less fortunate than you and I am always thankful to those who supported my mum and I during the dark days when times were tough financially,” he explained.

It might take some time before he completes going through all the applications but many are excited to find out who makes the cut.