“Metered” Airport Taxi Tries to Overcharge Passenger Because Their Destination is “Far”

Netizen Dana Alyssa shared her experience with a supposed “metered” airport taxi driver who did not start the meter from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 in the Philippines but tried to overcharge them, asking for a Php1200 ($25) fixed rate because their destination is “far”.

Alyssa did not mention where this destination is but “fixed-rate” taxis at the airport usually charge them P750 ($16) from the airport to that place.

The metered taxi did not tell them at the airport that he wanted them to pay Php1200, instead he waited until they were 10 minutes away from NAIA before he told them about the change in charges. Knowing that the fixed rate taxis will only charge them with P750, Alyssa told the driver to bring them back to the airport so they could choose the cheaper option.

The driver got angry, telling Alyssa and her companions that he would surely lose his earnings if he did that. But the passengers stood their ground and did not relent even when the angry taxi driver continued to quarrel with them.

When they finally threatened to report him to the authorities, the driver calmed down and started the meter. So, instead of the Php1200 he tried to charge them, they only had to pay Php478 ($10)! It was a good thing they knew their rights and stood their ground or the taxi driver would have gotten away with a hefty profit.

Alyssa said she feels really disappointed that the “vultures” at NAIA are still there and that these are people of her own race whereas they came from Singapore with a very honest transport system…

Read Alyssa’s post as shared by Top Gear Philippines on its Facebook page:

These vultures won’t stop. From Dana Alyssa:

“Hi, Top Gear. I just want to share our experience with NAIA Terminal 1…

Posted by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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