Mermaid in Disaster: Gorgeous Lady Goes Viral for Photoshoot in Flooded Streets

Floods remain one of the main problems that affect a lot of places during days of heavy rains, particularly in typhoon or hurricane season.

But one young lady had a fun photoshoot in the flooded streets of her hometown – and it gained mixed reactions on social media.

A student of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Aditi Singh looks gorgeous in her red dress as she posed on the flooded streets of Patna in Bihar, north India.

Photo credit: Saurabh Anuraj / Instagram

Photographer Saurabh Anuraj posted the photos on Instagram, entitled “Mermaid in Disaster”. In the photos, Aditi could be seen happily posing for the camera, showcasing the flood in an artsy manner. There were even pictures of Aditi just a few meters away from a huge tree that had fallen across the road, cutting the traffic off.

But while Aditi looks so beautiful in the photos, a lot of netizens were not happy that she would make fun of a disaster that affected a lot of people at the capital of Bihar. Many think it was disrespectful of Aditi to laugh in their faces while the waterlogged streets affected their livelihood.

Still, there were many who thought the photos were nice and that it was great for Aditi to make light out of a difficult situation. Others expressed concern on her health, telling the young lady that she should not do this again because there are all sorts of problems one could get from a flooded street.

Amid the issues on the photos, Aditi came forward to defend herself.

This photoshoot was done to show the current situation in Patna. Do not take it in the wrong sense,” she explained.

She added that she only wanted to draw attention to the sad reality that floods often bother the state capital. This is her way of asking the local officials to find a solution to the perennial problem!

Photo credit: Saurabh Anuraj / Instagram

What is a Perennial Problem?

This is the type of problem that keeps recurring or has been existing for a very long time.