Meet the Old Vendor, The First Donor to “Duterte’s Kitchen”

“Duterte’s Kitchen” is a soup kitchen designed to provide food for the less fortunate members of society – and the project has earned praise from the community, with plenty of people also offering money and other things they can donate for these poor people.

But did you know that well before the donors came to give their donations to Duterte’s Kitchen, someone was already giving what she could for the less fortunate people eating at the kitchen – even if she isn’t rich herself?

Meet 64-year-old Angelita Astor, the generous vegetable vendor whose spot near Duterte’s Kitchen made her one of the primary options for the staff at the soup kitchen to buy vegetables and spices. But while she sells the staff vegetables, she also donates some vegetables from time to time!

“Noong hindi pa kilala itong Duterte’s Kitchen, madalas ko na rin nakakasalamuha ang mga batang pumupunta at kumakain dito. Paano ba naman eh ‘ung pwesto ko ay nasa tabi lang nitong Kitchen, kaya madalas ‘ung kasangkapan na sinasahog sa pagluluto ng lugaw ay sa akin na binibili. Minsan naman binibigay ko na lang bilang tulong na rin,” Astor said.

(At the time when Duterte’s Kitchen wasn’t well known yet, I had already spent time with the children who go and eat there. Since my selling spot is near the Kitchen, the staff often buy the ingredients of the porridge from me. Sometimes when they come here to buy, I just give it to them as a form of help [for the Kitchen].)

She added, “Masarap sa pakiramdam ‘ung magbigay lalo pa ngayon hindi lang bawang at sibuyas ‘ung maari kung ibahagi. Makakapagbigay na rin ako ng iba pang gulay na maari nilang ulamin.”

(It feels good to share to others, especially now that I can give more than just garlic and onions because I can also share some vegetables.)

What is a Soup Kitchen?

A soup kitchen is a meal center where poor or less fortunate people can eat meals for free or at a very low price below the prevailing market rates.

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