Meet the Bagyo Queen: Brandi Nicole aka “Ohohnikk” and Her Witty Hugot Quotes

With the Philippines facing three storms coming one after the other (NASA even has satellite images of all three weather systems together!), a lot of people are having trouble in going to work or to school because of the floods affecting many areas.

A lot of netizens are also frustrated not just about the weather in general but also about problems with delayed suspension of classes, floods even when the rains have already stopped, and many other situations that often arise in the rainy season – yet there is something that is making everyone smile: the Bagyo Queen.

Netizen Brandi Nicole who goes by the handle Ohohnikk on Twitter has gotten the attention of the public for her witty ‘hugot’ quotes. Despite the gloomy weather and the floods, Brandi managed to bring laughter to other netizens trapped in the deluge.

Brandi even cheekily tags the big guns in her Twitter posts, including @dost_pagasa, @DepEd_PH, and @PresidentErap!

You gotta love this girl’s happy-go-lucky attitude and creativity. It is great that someone could find good humor about the gloomy situation the country is facing, allowing us to forget our worries even for just a short while. That’s what being Pinoy is all about – we can smile even in the face of danger. Cool, isn’t it?

Check out some of Brandi Nicole’s top hugot lines in this photo:

Brandi Nicole Ohohnikk

Photo credit: Twitter/Brandi Nicole

To read more of her cool hugot quotes, check out her Twitter page here: @Ohohnikk.

Rainy Season in the Philippines

The Philippines only has two seasons: wet and dry. Rainy or wet season starts in June and ends sometime in October or early November. Most of the typhoons in the country occur within this season.

Although foreigners often believe that the Philippines is always a hot country because it is located near the equator and has a tropical climate, the country does experience its fair share of rains and typhoons even outside the wet season. Also, most Filipinos only consider April and May as the official summer or dry months.

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