Meet Elle Hatamiya, The 11-Year-Old Weightlifter

Elle Hatamiya is definitely not your ordinary 11-year-old girl. This young woman from California is already making a name for herself in the field of sports despite her very tender age.

She does weightlifting and she has already earned the title of being a USA Weightlifting (USAW) National Champion, according to the MuscleAndFitness blog.

elle hatamiya weightlifter 1

Photo creditt: Elle Hatamiya/Instagram

Moreover, she is “also a talented gymnast” who has won the State Champion on Beam and Floor for Level 5 Gymnastics. During her spare time, she also does Cuong Nhu, a type of Vietnamese martial arts.

Currently, Elle has almost 15,000 followers on Instagram with her account being managed by her mom.

Watch Elle Hatamiya in action here:

If that doesn’t impress you, we really don’t know what else will.

Considering her young age and unusual strength, we really couldn’t help but wonder what’s up ahead for this girl in the years to come. Maybe we’re looking at a future CrossFit champion? Only time will tell!

Best of luck to you and what you do, Elle.

What Are The Benefits of Weightlifting?

Even if you’re not aiming to be a top notch athlete like Elle, there are many wonderful reasons why you might want to try your hand at weightlifting.

In an article entitled 13 Benefits of Weightlifting No One Tells You About, LiveStrong pointed out that “not only can weightlifting improve your body composition and give you a toned appearance, it can also improve your overall health and make you a happier person.”

The site also mentioned “Weightlifting can help you burn fat, reduce your risk of diabetes, prevent back pain and even help you fight depression.” The article went on to tell us that it can also fight osteoporosis, help you get better at sport, improve heart health, and make you mentally stronger.