Marketing Company CEO Gives Employees $2,000 to Go on Vacation!

Many companies these days try to look for ways to keep their good employees and ensure productivity but they are constantly facing lots of challenges, especially because there are lots of options for workers to choose from these days – and it has actually become easier to move from one job to another if people get bored or simply want to try something different or to find the best-paying jobs with the best perks to offer.

So, companies really have to do their best to offer the best perks while also keeping their employees motivated and productive.

For this reason, marketing company SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas decided to offer all its employees $2,000 each year for the sole purpose of going on a vacation and having fun!


Of course, many of the employees thought it would be a good idea to simply save the money or do something else with it but Douglas insists that the bonus should only be spent on their leisure time.

This means that all of Steelhouse’s employees get to spend $2,000 each year for a vacation wherever they want to go and do whatever they want to do there! If they don’t go on vacation, they forfeit the bonus – so, everyone takes up Steelhouse’s offer and go out to have some fun at their chosen destinations!


What’s the result of such an awesome incentive? Well, they all take the bonus to have some fun – and come back refreshed and renewed, some with great ideas they can use at work.

The company’s incredible incentive has also ensured that almost everyone loves to stay at the company. In fact, of Steelhouse’s 250 employees in the past 3 years, only 5 have left the company but all for reasons unconnected to work.

Moreover, productivity has been higher ever since the bonus was implemented.

Don’t you wish all employers were as generous as Steelhouse?

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