Man Wakes Up from Coma after Pet Dog’s Visit

It is amazing how many stories we’ve heard about dogs being man’s best friend – and how they have changed their owner’s lives countless of times! One of these stories was actually quite miraculous, with the dog actually becoming the instrument for waking her owner out of coma!

In a report on American Web Media, the story of a 71-year-old Italian man named Giovanni and his pet dog Nancy amazed netizens all over the world.

According to the report, Giovanni and Nancy are the best of friends and have spent a lot of great moments together. They are virtually inseparable. And they always look forward to taking walks at the park every day; Nancy was the perfect walking companion and Giovanni enjoyed the walks that kept his body fit.

Photo credit: American Web Media

One day, however, Giovanni suffered a heart attack during one of the walks; he was rushed to the hospital but went into a coma. Nancy had seen her human fall but could not understand why he never woke up and why they never went out on walks again.

She has taken to waiting at the front door for Giovanni to come back but weeks passed and her master failed to return.

Meanwhile, Giovanni’s condition at the hospital remained unchanged since the heart attack but his family continued to hope he would wake up soon. His daughter Deborah had to take care of Nancy.

Deborah noticed that Nancy’s behavior has changed a lot since her dad was taken to the hospital – the pup wouldn’t eat and was always anxiously alert as she waited by the front door. After learning that the hospital has adapted a new program wherein pets can visit their owners, she immediately signed up.

The results were great! Nancy excitedly licked her master’s face and wagged her tail in excitement, barking happily. While everyone expected that reaction from Nancy, they were surprised to see the old man move for the time since he fell into a coma!

Deborah is now helping advocate that hospitals allow pets to visit their humans as that could bring a positive response just like what happened to her dad…