Man Treats Street Kids at Jollibee, Assists Them in Eating and Buys More Food for Their Mom

While it is true that giving to street people and beggars is against the Anti-Mendicancy Law, a lot of Filipinos gladly ‘break’ this law out of compassion for those who are less fortunate. After all, if you have extra money and food, is it really that bad to share it with others, especially those who can’t afford to feed themselves three times a day?

One man who looked rather well off has recently gained much praise on social media after a fellow diner captured his kind deed on camera.

According to a post shared on Facebook by Patrisha Capillan, she spotted a man at a nearby table in a Jollibee store who bought a lot of food that seemed too much for him to consume. Moments later, however, the man stood up and called some street kids to share the large meal with him.

It was clear that the man was doing it out of compassion, not for glory on social media. The man was also unaware that Capillan was watching him as he was chatting with the kids and even helping them eat their food.

But when the kid in the oversized green shirt stopped eating, the man asked with genuine care why he stopped eating. It turns out the kid didn’t want to finish his food so she could bring what’s left to his mother.

Surprised at the kid’s answer, the unnamed man told him to continue eating as he would just buy more food for his mom. Capillan was so touched by the man’s kindness that she started filming after this. The video, thus, was short but it still earned much praise from netizens who were impressed by this man’s big heart.

The video would gain over 2 million views, with most netizens commenting how proud they are of this guy who knows how to help those in need without asking for anything in return.

Watch the heartwarming video here: